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Meet Alishan Halebian

Alishan is one of the most original artists creating and pursuing his personal vision in jewelry. Being a self-taught goldsmith, his treatment of precious metals is masterly. Using sophisticated techniques, he creates seemingly weightless pieces, capturing metallic beauty in a luxe look with textures intended to thrill and inspire.

Alishan‘s Armenian heritage brings the philosophies of two world cultures, East and West together, which burst into creative expression of style in his distinctive collections. His discerning clientele are attracted to his designs for their notably individual characteristics and emotions, confronting line and form. His contemporary designs, merged with classical art elements bring exquisite style to his jewelry collection, which sell at the finest retail jewelry stores in America and Canada.


Alishanand his wife Lydia introduced their men’s, fashion, and alternative bridal and studio creations in the early 90’s. He makes his jewelry for a sophisticated wearer; strong, accomplished, appreciates graceful beauty and elegance, a person with confidence, style and taste.

"Artistic inspiration is the key to quality design. Masterful design is everywhere. It could be sculpture, a building, it could be a shoe, a house, or a chair. If that design captures my attention, it translates onto my creations. That is what pushes me to the drawing pad and then the bench. Transforming an idea into a finished creation takes collaboration. My wife and I work closely together. Pushing a design from a dream to an inspired finished creation.”


"I love what I do and that is why I do it. I learn about my designs when a client looks at them and is taken by the statement or emotion they evoke. As a ceramics major in Armenia I had no concept of jewelry. I knew how to draw but had to discover and teach myself all the metalsmith techniques. I was drawn to Swiss and German design, their minimalist approach, bold, clean lines. I found a very detailed book and it was my teacher. It is challenging being self-taught, learning how to work in silver, oxidized silver, palladium of various colors, platinum and gold.”

"It takes patience, trial and error, but the benefit is freedom. You are free to create. You are not limited or restricted by the teacher’s vision or constraints. Everything is open. You learn from experience. You learn from your mistakes.”


"I always start from a drawing. Then comes a prototype. And then it morphs into something distinctive and unique. I’m not focusing on how beautiful it is. I am focusing on each and every detail, how it can be executed and finished in the best possible way. The piece becomes whole or truly finished when it finds its owner or new home. Then I step back and discover how beautiful it really is.”

"I like contrast. Coming from ceramic arts, being inspired by Swiss and German design, but I am Armenian and this shows in my creations. It could be ornamental, floral, different metals, each element changes how the piece unfolds. The men’s collection, for example, is strong, bold, with different metals, that appeal to young men and seniors. There is something universal about the collection.”


"I love creating alternative bridal jewelry, simple and clean, but we carry our ornamentation and detail to every surface. It must be interesting from every point of view. I love rose cut diamonds. Each cut is different, each gem is different. Young people are looking for something different from the traditional diamond and white gold.”


"I am learning from each piece, learning and unfolding every step of the way. There is always a conversation going on within myself.”


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