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 ZFolio Tailored

The only ‘other woman’ you want your partner spending time with…

When the need is extraordinary, rare, heirloom or out of the box creative - think ZFolio Tailored, our premier custom shopping experience that offers an international custom design studio, access to the finest heirloom quality gems, a professional consultant and personal shopping services all-in-one. ZFolio Tailored.

For three consecutive years ZFolio was voted the best source for designer jewelry in the United States. What we feature in our galleries, however, represents only a fraction of the artists we contact each year. ZFolio Tailored opens this global network and provides professional consultation to meet your most discriminating needs.

  • Visiting Italy, John and Cathy discovered a fabulous designer. Their anniversary was just around the corner. John called ZFolio and shared his idea. We contacted the designer and arranged for a one-of-a-kind jewelry set: necklace, matching ring, bracelet, and earrings, all gift wrapped and delivered for a celebration of a lifetime. That’s ZFolio Tailored.
  • Several heirloom rings had been in Sally’s family for generations. She wanted to combine them into a gift for her daughter who was expecting their first grandchild. After consulting with three award winning designers, several generations of memories found their new home in Sally’s daughter and granddaughter’s heart. That’s ZFolio Tailored.
  • The etched glass face of a precious antique clock was cracked. Our artists in the Czech Republic handcrafted a new face that matched the original line for line.

When that special need or occasion arises, and special doesn’t have to mean out of reach, when holiday shopping or that list of company gifts is overwhelming, think ZFolio Tailored, our global, and yet very personal luxury shopping service created with you in mind.

If we don’t carry it, we will find it, have it designed, expertly crafted and delivered to your door with the personal care you expect, privately and at your convenience.

Ask for Natasha Lazorova. Shop from your office via facetime or skype, or contact her for a number to text.

855 892-6870